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Tönnies sells pharmaceuticals

"Rheda-Wiedenbrück (WB). Der Fleischkonzern Tönnies trennt sich von seinen vor fünf Jahren mit großen Erwartungen gestarteten Pharma-Aktivitäten. Die Tochter »Pharma Action«, die aus dem Darmschleim von Schweinen gewonnenes Heparin produziert und vertreibt, ist für eine zweistellige Millionensumme an den spanischen Heparin-Spezialisten Bioiberica verkauft worden..."

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Anuga FoodTec 2018 expects new exhibitor record

One for all – all in one: Mit ihren Angebotssegmenten Food Packaging, Safety & Analytics, Food Processing, Food Ingredients sowie Services & Solutions bildet die Anuga FoodTec alle Aspekte der Lebensmittelproduktion ab. Dabei präsentieren die Aussteller Lösungen für alle Branchen der Lebensmittelindustrie, von Molkereien über Fleisch, von Getränken bis Nudeln, von Obst & Gemüse bis Öle & Fette. Die Anuga FoodTec bietet sowohl Einzellösungen als auch komplette, prozessübergreifende Konzepte über alle Produktionsstufen hinweg...

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What is a brother cock?

(BZfE) - Laying hens are bred to lay many eggs. Because they have focused on egg production for a long time, they do not use meat. There are specially bred broilers, which in turn lay less eggs. Unfortunately, the cocks of laying hens breed less meat and are therefore not suitable as roast chicken, rather than soup ...

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Dream job: Butcher

"Altshausen Daniela Metzler from Altshausen has completed her master butchers with the grade 1,0." She was honored with a certificate as annual best master of the Chamber of Crafts in Swabia. "It went well in the training, but then I did not expect it" says the 26 year old ... "

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Belgian beef books export plus

From January to June 2017, the Belgian meat suppliers worldwide have exported 94.947 tons of beef. Compared to the same period of the previous year, this represents a double-digit increase in exports of 14,1 percent. The continuous upward trend of Belgian beef exports, which has been going on for years, is thus entering a new round. This is clear from the figures that Belgian Meat Office has calculated based on Eurostat data ...

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Bundesleistungszentrum Young Butchers' Competition 2017

Frankfurt am Main, 13. November 2017. Beginning of next week, on 20. and 21. November 2017 in the rooms of the school center at the Rübekamp in Bremen, the best junior staff from the training courses butcher / butcher and butcher-salesperson / butcher-specialist saleswoman compete against each other at the Bundesleistungswettbewerb der Fleischerjugend ...

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Animal welfare initiative: Populism has no place in the animal welfare debate!

Bonn, 10.11.2017- In the light of populist tendencies in the public debate surrounding the animal welfare in livestock farming, the Tierwohl Initiative affirms its demand for an objectification of the debate. A few stakeholders publicly spread misinformation about the Animal Welfare initiative, which, like no other alliance, broadens animal welfare in Germany. For example, the Animal Welfare Initiative has recently been misinterpreted as a seal of approval - just to criticize it for failing to meet the requirements of a product label ...

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Tönnies shareholders occupy holding management and advisory board

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, 9. November 2017 - The shareholders of the Tönnies Group, Clemens Tönnies (61) and Robert Tönnies (39), together with Maximilian Tönnies (27), whose entry into the company 01.01.2018 is completed, the new management structure for the equal leadership of the company through the shareholders Clemens Tönnies and Robert Tönnies put into effect ...

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Less salt, less fat - meat experts meet in Lemgo

Around 240 experts from the meat industry met in the Lipperlandhalle in Lemgo. There was the 40. Lemgoer Workshop Meat + Delicatessen (LAFF). One topic of the meeting was the reduction of salt, fat and sugar in industrially manufactured products - a concern to which the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has submitted a national strategy this summer. The "Günther Fries Prize" was also awarded again ...

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